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The Next Big Thing in Natural and Powerful Skin Care: Tualique Product Review

Sometimes you find something that works so well for your skin that you use every last drop in the bottle and panic a little bit when you run out. That was the case with my new skin care obsession, Tualique. I love testing and trying new green beauty products.  If you have followed Live-Clear for

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The Surprising Shaving Trick For Your Best Summer Legs

As temperatures start to rise it’s time to pack away the long pants and skirts and start enjoying the warm weather. If you are like me, winter can bring dull, dry skin.  While layering on extra moisturizer can help get our legs summer ready, the secret to really great summer legs may surprise you: 

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Natural Skincare Roundup: 5 Anti-Aging Ingredients That Work

We’ve all purchased “miracle” beauty products that claim to fight wrinkles, plump up our skin and make us look younger.  But do they really work?  Can we have powerful anti-aging beauty products without harmful preservatives and other toxic ingredients? The key to finding natural beauty products

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