Green + Glowing Beauty Routine Makeover

Your shortcut to a luxurious beauty routine you will love (and trust)!

Toxins out, beauty in… done in 1 hour.


You know what you put on and in your body really matters.

You know there are questionable chemicals in beauty products, but when it comes time to change you don’t want to give up luxury for “natural” (me either!).

And you’re busy.   You don’t have time to research products or analyze the labels … only to find out you wasted time, money, and don’t like your new “green” product.  

That’s exactly why I’m here.  

To help you:

  • get to the bottom of what’s really in the products you use every day
  • fast track to a beauty routine that’s luxurious, effective and toxin-free
  • finally love (and trust) your daily beauty routine

Together in our private one-on-one Skype session we will uncover the truth about toxins in the beauty products you are currently using and discuss safer products that really work (no sacrifices!).

How much money have you spent over the last year on beauty products that are just sitting in the back of your medicine cabinet? Products you bought trying to go “natural” and “green” … but that just don’t live up to the promises on the packaging.

How much time have you spent reading labels and trying to look up each ingredient?  Or did you give up… and then wonder every time you read another headline in the news about hormone disrupting chemicals and possible carcinogens in beauty products?

What You’ll Get During Our Session:

  1. Individual product reports for your current products (with product rating: red, yellow, green)
  2. Complete analysis of your current routine and a prioritized plan for product replacement (you don’t have to do this all at once … but you can if you want to!)  We focus on the products that have the most impact first (most concerning list of ingredients with the highest impact on your body)
  3. Personalized product recommendations with everything you need (order on-line or find in stores near you) for a luxurious beauty routine customized for your individual needs
  4. One-on-one consultation time to really discuss your routine, needs, and questions

Green+Glowing_What You Get_web

What To Expect:

Before our session

  1. Click here to schedule a day and time that works for you.
  2. After scheduling our day and time, I will forward you a on-line questionnaire (10 questions).  Answer these 10 questions and hit submit.  This is when my work begins!  I will start analyzing the products you are using today, and based on the information you provide start building your custom Green + Glowing product recommendations.

During our session

The Green + Glowing Beauty Routine Makeover addresses the products you use the most – your every day essentials (shampoo, body wash, lotion, moisturizer, foundation, lipstick, deodorant, cleansers, night cream & eye cream)

Green+Glowing_Live-Clear_Photo Our on-line session will be some face-to-face video and some screen sharing of my computer (via Skype).

Our session will cover: 

  1. Education:  demystify the labels and claims
  2. Tools:  simple tools and tips to help you make better product choices (immediately!)
  3. Personal Product Reports: an honest snapshot and assessment of your current beauty routine
  4. The Big Reveal:  your personalized Green + Glowing Beauty Routine Makeover – product recommendations that you will love and can purchase and start using right away (or more slowly over time).  You decide what to replace and when.
  5. Beauty Product Favorites and Must-Have’s:  A rapid-fire Q & A segment where you ask, and I give you my favorite product and brand recommendations for products not covered in the Green + Glowing makeover.  Ask me anything!

Don’t worry… I don’t sell products so you won’t feel pressured to buy anything!  You will have the information you need to easily find the product recommendations on-line or in stores near you.

After our session

You will have copies of everything you need:

  1. Personal Product Reports
  2. Ingredient Guide and Cheat Sheet
  3. Prioritized Plan for Product Replacement
  4. Personal Green + Glowing Beauty Routine Product List (links to buy on-line or info to help you find in stores)


$197 includes our 1 hour session + all your downloadable reports and cheat sheet.

  • No more wasted money on “green” products that just don’t live up to your expectations (or really weren’t greener than what you were using before!).
  • No more worrying about the questionable ingredients in beauty products that are making news every day
  • No more feeling guilty about your current beauty routine (becuase you know it’s not helping you live your healthiest life)
  • No more product research, label reading and on-line ingredient research
Finding natural, non-toxic, luxurious beauty products doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why I created the Green + Glowing Beauty Routine Makeover!  

Are you ready?  Me too!  Let’s do this.

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