The Surprising Shaving Trick For Your Best Summer Legs


The Surprising Shaving Trick For Your Best Summer Legs

As temperatures start to rise it’s time to pack away the long pants and skirts and start enjoying the warm weather.

If you are like me, winter can bring dull, dry skin.  While layering on extra moisturizer can help get our legs summer ready, the secret to really great summer legs may surprise you:  exfoliate.

Regular exfoliation will get you silkier skin and a closer shave that lasts longer.  It’s the extra boost that will take your skin from good to great.  Here’s how!

1.  Exfoliate 

Using a body scrub before shaving will remove dead skin and help release any in-growing hairs resulting in a closer shave.  It also is THE KEY to moisturized legs.  Have you ever moisturized in the morning only to see dry flaky skin by the end of the day?  If you don’t exfoliate first, moisturizers can’t completely penetrate.

In the shower, apply an exfoliating scrub and massage in circular motion paying extra attention to dry areas like knees and heels of feet.  Massage into skin until the granules dissolve.

How to choose the right body scrub:

Avoid plastic microbeads when choosing an exfoliator.  The microscopic balls of hard plastic flow down drains and pass through wastewater treatment plants, ending up in rivers, lakes, and oceans, where they enter the food chain.   Several states have banned these microbeads because of the environmental impact.  In addition, rubbing plastic on your skin and over your pores exposes you to more chemicals (phthalates and more).  Finding microbead-free products is easy if you read ingredient lists and avoid products that contain “polyethylene” or “polypropylene.”

My favorite body scrubs below work beautifully, don’t use microbeads, and are free of other harmful ingredients. GillysScrub

Gilly’s Organics:  Hey Sugar, Lookin’ Good $25:  I fell in love with the scent of this natural body scrub and with how well it exfoliates.

Mountain Spirit Botanicals Coconut Body Polish $56  Mt Spirit Botanicals_Scrub :  This Celtic Sea Salt and Nilotic Shea Butter scrub is super creamy and moisturizing.  A real treat!

Aura Cacia Body Polish $12:   Aura Body Polish This organic sugar cane and coconut oil is a great exfoliator and moisturizer.

2. Shave

Confession:  I never use shaving cream on my legs.  Surprised?  I discovered the oils left behind after exfoliating with a good body scrub worked just as well (maybe better?) than shaving cream.  That’s one less product to buy and take up space in my shower.  It feels go to simplify!  No guilt splurging on a luxurious body scrub.

3.  Moisturize

Now your skin is ready for moisturizer.  Pat dry and apply a thick moisturizer to lock in moisture all day.

Favorite natural body lotions: BodyLotions

CV Skin Labs Body Repair Lotion $36:  This lotion is incredibly moisturizing and completely scent free.

Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Lotion $12:  This is a really moisturizing lotion that smells delicious… but not “perfumy” or overwhelming.

Acure Body Lotion $10:  If you prefer light-weight moisturizers this is a great lotion.

Keeping it Clean:

All of the scrubs and moisturizers recommended are free of questionable ingredients like parabens, PEGs, sulfates, DEA/MEA/TEA, siloxanes, Vitamin A (retinol), formaldehyde releasers, and BHA.  These ingredientsare associated with negative health effects and should be avoided.  For help knowing exactly what ingredients to avoid, download this free printable Ingredient Cheat Sheet.

Are you ready to bare those legs yet?  Follow these three steps and enjoy smooth, soft, moisturized legs all summer long.

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