Rahua Shampoo

Rahua Shampoo

Rahua Shampoo – $32.00

Amazon Beauty Rahua Shampoo strengthens all hair types including color-treated and delicate hair and balances and maintains a healthy scalp.

Made with rainforest grown ingredients, Rahua Elixir repairs damaged hair and Palo Santo imparts a beautiful aroma. Rahua Shampoo is free of harsh chemical preservatives and is a high-performance natural product. Key ingredients in Rahua Shampoo include Rahua Elixir which instantly repairs damaged hair and speeds hair growth and Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), a centuries old calming ingredient from aged holy wood that imparts an amazingly beautiful aroma and is traditionally used in Shaman ceremonies.

Safe for color-treated hair. 9.3oz. Gluten-free

Made in the USA.


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