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Natural Beauty Products for Everyone on Your List: The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Live-Clear Holiday Shopping Guide for Natural Beauty Products It’s that time of year!  Are you thinking of stuffing some stockings with luxurious beauty products?  What about truly natural beauty products?  I am often asked what my favorite, go-to products are for myself, my husband, my kids,

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More Harm Than Good? Why Antibacterial Soap Is Not In Our Home

In our home, we wash hands a lot.  With twin five year old girls, there are lots of opportunities for messy hands. As a Mom, it’s important to me to teach our girls proper hand washing, and prevent the spread of germs.   Antibacterial soaps are the most common type of soap available, and many of us

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The Surprising Truth About Natural Beauty Products on A Budget: You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Do you think natural, pure products are more expensive? They don't have to be! Have you every thought “I would love to change to natural, pure, organic products... but they are just too expensive!” Sure, some products are more expensive.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great, natural,

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