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How Safe Is Your Sunscreen? 4 Ingredients To Avoid

Peak sunblock season is finally here.  We all want a product that will protect us from the sun, without unnecessary or harmful chemicals. Here’s the simple truth about sunscreens:  the sunscreens we all grew up with contain chemicals shown to mimic hormones.  Hormone disruption has been linked to

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The ONE Skincare Secret that Changed My Skin

Do you wonder if the steps you take in your skin care routine matter?   Could you skip it all and just fall into bed at night?  Maybe a good moisturizer and scrub every once in a while is all you need?   We all have times when we are too busy or tired for a big skin care production twice a

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Mom Alert: 11 Common Chemicals Toxic to Developing Brains, 12 Simple Things You Can Do

As a parent, when I see headlines about chemicals in our environment that are “toxic to our children’s brains” my stomach flips over a little bit.  It hits a nerve.  I feel a sense of not being able to protect my children.  I wonder “what next”? Dr. Philip Landrigan at Mount Sinai School of

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