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The Beauty Secret Every Woman Should Know: Green Smoothies for Glowing Skin

The secret to gorgeous, glowing skin?  It’s not in the latest miracle cream (as much as I love a great moisturizer). We’ve all heard of miracle ingredients in our skincare that claim to fight wrinkles, plump up our skin, and make us look younger. But what if these ingredients were found in

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You Don’t Have to Give Up Perfume! 5 Natural Perfumes You Will Love (without the toxic chemicals)

Have you ever read something that that made you stop and think?  Something you knew was important and needed to be shared?  I recently had one of those moments while reading the book “Toxin Toxout” by Bruce Loruie and Rick Smith.   The authors measured their own levels of toxins (in this case

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The Surprising Truth About Your Nail Polish (and why you don’t have to give up your manicures!)

Let’s get this out of the way from the start:  there is no such thing as a chemical free, natural, or non-toxic nail polish. When it comes to beauty products, few things are so full of chemicals than nail polish.  That said, I am not giving up my pedicures. There are toxic ingredients in

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