Natural Beauty Products for Everyone on Your List: The Ultimate Gift Guide

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Natural Beauty Products for Everyone on Your List: The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Live-Clear Holiday Shopping Guide for Natural Beauty Products

It’s that time of year!  Are you thinking of stuffing some stockings with luxurious beauty products?  What about truly natural beauty products?  I am often asked what my favorite, go-to products are for myself, my husband, my kids, my… (fill in the blank!).  So today I am putting all my favorites in one place, making it easy for you to stock up on some holiday cheer.

These products are all natural and effective.  They don’t contain chemical fragrances, endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde releasers, or ingredients contaminated with the carcinogen 1-4, dioxane.  There’s something for every budget, so read on!

For Him:

Luxurious product aren’t just for the ladies!  Make sure the men in your life are staying away from the same toxins you’re avoiding.  Here are some favorites, tested and approved by the men in my life.

Shampoo:  While I love Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil (see below), after testing with a few men I discovered they preferred the scent of Max Green Alchemy Shampoo ($15) and conditioner ($16).  Maybe it’s the more manly sounding name??

Shaving:  John Master’s Organics 2-in-1 Face Wash & Shave Foam smells great and has a nice texture ($12).  

Moisturizer:  John Masters Organics Eucalyptus & Agave 2-in-1 Moisturizer & Aftershave ($25).  I love that this is a combination of aftershave and moisturizer.  Some guys don’t want to take the time to moisturize, so this lightweight moisturizer and aftershave does double duty.  Simple, easy, and smells great.

Eyes:  This may surprise some of you… but men care about wrinkles around the eyes too!  I love (and use myself) this Kahina Eye Serum ($63).  It doesn’t have much of a smell (perfect for men), and the black container seems pretty manly to me.  But, if your guy needs an eye cream that screams “I am for a guy… really… not girly at ALL”, then go with John Masters Organics Firming Eye Gel ($23).

Facial Scrub:  I think all men love to exfoliate.  It feels physical, and there are immediate results.  After years of seeing my exfoliator disappear in the shower, I finally started buying my husband his own.  This is his favorite:  Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub ($12).  Now, I use his once a week in the shower.

Night Cream:   Same recommendations as what I use:  Either Odacité Night Time Antioxidant Repair Serum ($120) or Acure Argan Stem Cell Night Cream ($14).

Deodorant:  No aluminum, no questionable chemicals.  This men’s deodorant really works: Sam’s Natural Deodorant.  Aloe is my favorite scent.

For New Mom and Baby:

Need a gift for someone with a new baby?  My standard new baby gift is always some natural, pure, non-toxic baby shampoos and lotions.  When you start reading the ingredients on conventional baby products it can be shocking.  Artificial fragrances (which are loaded with endocrine disrupting phthalates), ingredients contaminated with the carcinogen 1,4-Dioxane (PEGs, sodium laureth sulfate), artificial colors (FD&C… coal tars that are suspected carcinogens) and formaldehyde releasing preservatives also suspected carcinogens.  Johnson & Johnson was recently in the news committing to remove ingredients like formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane it from their baby products… but not until 2015 (read more here)

Here are my favorite baby products.  Pure, natural, and toxin free:

I love everything by California baby.  I discovered this brand when my twin girls were born, and we still use many of their products 5 years later!  Developed by a mother, California Baby is completely pure and natural.  Bonus – no gluten, soy, oat, dairy or nuts (except for coconut).  This is important as so many more babies have food allergies.  What goes on, goes in!

California Baby Super Sensitive Baby Wash and Shampoo ($7.50)

California Baby Calendula Cream ($19) Calendula is “nature’s first aid”, and this cream can really be used for so many things – cradle cap, dry or irritated skin, baby acne, eczema, diaper rash.  I know many parents that start using on their skin ailments as well!  

California Baby Everyday Lotion ($10) Beautifully scented with a calming blend of essential oils such as French lavender that work to unwind the body and promote calmness – an excellent bed or nap time massage lotion. California baby essential oils are guaranteed pesticide free and sustainably grown.

For Her (or you!):

I have a pretty simple beauty routine, but there are some products that I just wouldn’t live without.  Here are my favorites… great for moms, sisters, girlfriends, and don’t forget YOU!

Hair:  In the shower, I use Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo ($7) and Conditioner   ($8).  This is absolutely, hands-down, the best natural shampoo I have used.  It lathers, rinses clean (no waxy feeling) and smells amazing.  This is the one product I think everyone who is reluctant to try “natural” products should have.  It will change your opinion!  And, the price won’t break the bank.

Body:  After showering, I apply Dessert Essence Organic Jojoba oil ($6) to my still wet skin then dry off.  I have dry skin, and this really helps.  Next, I spray One Love Organics Aromatic Body Serum for beautifully scented, soft skin.  My favorite is Chamomile ($39), but you can try them all with One Love’s sample kit ($4.95)

Cleanse:  Every morning I exfoliate with Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser ($22).  Exfoliating in the morning is best for your skin, and I have to say this one step has had the greatest impact on my skin (more glow, less dry, overall softer).  Huge fan!

Face:  Before moisturizing, I always apply Acure Argan Oil ($10).  Amazing.  Super food for your skin!  This is definitely one of my favorite products.

For day moisturizer, I use either Acure Day Cream ($14) or Odacité Day Moisturizer ($75).  I absolutely love the texture and smell of Odacité, and it is full of natural power ingredient to fight aging and support soft, gorgeous skin.  If I plan to spend time outside, I apply Suntegrity SPF 30 ($45).  Lightweight, non-greasy, nice smell, and of course chemical free.  Suntegrity also makes tinted moisturizers with SPF (BB Creams) that are great.

At night, I cleanse with Odacité facial cleanser ($40).  I love the oils and plant extracts.  Acure facial cleanser is also a great option for only $8.

After cleansing, I always use my favorite Acure Argan Oil ($10).  Really, if you only try one new facial product… make it this one!

I follow up with night cream.  Either Odacité Night Time Antioxidant Repair Serum ($120) or Acure Argan Stem Cell Night Cream ($14).  The Odacité is more expensive, but it is full of high concentrations of fresh and clinically proven anti-aging ingredients.  It is a real treat for your skin!

If you want to try Odacité before purchasing the full size, try this discover kit for $29.

I hope our recommendations help you find the perfect gift for someone in your life!

Do you have a product you are considering, but you aren’t sure if the ingredients are completely pure and natural?  Leave it in the comments below, and I will analyze the ingredients for you and post back in the comments.  Have you tried any of the products listed above?  Let me know how you like it below.

Happy shopping!  If you like this kind of stuff, sign up for the Live-Clear newsletter in the green box below.

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