You Don’t Have to Give Up Perfume! 5 Natural Perfumes You Will Love (without the toxic chemicals)


You Don’t Have to Give Up Perfume!  5 Natural Perfumes You Will Love (without the toxic chemicals)

Have you ever read something that that made you stop and think?  Something you knew was important and needed to be shared? 

I recently had one of those moments while reading the book “Toxin Toxout” by Bruce Loruie and Rick Smith.   The authors measured their own levels of toxins (in this case hormone disrupting phthalates) and experiment with different detox methods.  Here’s the quote that got my attention:

“One brush with a heavily perfumed individual could easily result in perceptible increases in phthalate levels that would skew the results of any experiment.”  


If simply being around someone with perfume could increase measurable levels of phthalates, what happens to the levels of the person wearing perfume all day, every day?

Although many of us love our signature scent, it likely contains chemicals (phthalates) that wreck havoc on our hormone function.  This quote inspired me to write an article published on Mind Body Green:  How Perfume Messes With Your Hormones (Even If You Don’t Wear It).  It explains how synthetic perfumes can affect your health (and those around you).  You can read the full article here.  

So what now? 

Avoiding phthalate loaded perfumes doesn’t mean we have to forgo beautiful scents.  Natural perfumes made from essential oils and botanical ingredients are free of phthalates and other toxic chemicals.  Here are 5 favorites to get you started!

Top 5 natural, non-toxic perfumes:

Intelligent Nutrients – Body and hair oils that are certified organic and come in many different aromatic blends.

Tallulah Jane – I love the chamomile and lavender combination of their 333 blend!

Lavanila – lots of fragrance blends to choose from, all with a subtle vanilla undertone (by the way, I absolutely love Lavanila’s deodorant!)

Pure Natural Diva – I love this companies tagline “we believe in safe scents”!  Pure, natural, botanical ingredients.   Beautiful scents to choose from and sample sets if you just can’t decide! 

Tsi-La – so many scents!  You can even design your own perfume. 

How do natural perfumes stand up to their toxic counterparts?

Natural fragrances are subtle and more intimate.  They won’t linger in the elevator long after you’ve left the building.  Have you ever taken a dress out of your closet from last year and still smelled your perfume?  Phthalates give synthetic perfumes their staying power.  You can still enjoy a full day from your natural perfume, but it won’t stick to your clothes for months or years.  

By choosing natural perfumes we can make a big difference in our exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals, and to those around us.  The authors of “Toxin Toxout” found that soon after switching to natural products their phthalate levels decreased by 10 times on average.  Small changes in the products we use does make a difference!  

Have fun exploring new, natural, signature scents!  Not only will you find something you’ll love, but once you start wearing a natural perfume you may find your old perfume just isn’t worth the risk.

Do you have a natural perfume favorite?  Share in the comments below. Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.28.20 PM

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  1. hi there, I was really pleased to see your article. However, I’ve just linked through to the first suggestion of Tallulah Jane and looked at the ingredients. Surely you did too?

    Ethyl Alcohol (Organic Grape Alcohol), Ricinus communis (Organic Castor Oil), Parfum (Fragrance)* *100% Organic, wildcrafted or natural essential oils.

    I hate to break it to you but these are NOT great ingredients.

    Firstly it’s alcohol based which is very drying for the skin (regardless of whether it’s organic alcohol).

    The minute you see the word ‘Parfum’ – this means it’s synthetic fragrance oil – nothing natural or good about it….. It looks like they also may have a tiny amount of wildcrafted essential oil in there but that’s the least amount as ingredients are always listed in order of volume.

    I’m hoping the other suggestions are better 😉

    • Hi Michelle,
      Typically, I agree with avoiding all products with the ingredient “parfum / fragrance”. It’s one of my tips to easily avoid toxins in products and is on the top of my ingredients to avoid list … but, in this case, I spoke to a representative from Tallula Jane and they stated that they use only organic or natural essential oils. No synthetic fragrances. It’s a grey area for sure – and I would LOVE to see more transparency (and regulation!) with the cosmetic industry on this. But, based on my conversation I was comfortable recommending this as a natural alternative. All of the other perfume recommendations list out the oils and ingredients and don’t use the catchall ingredient “parfum/fragrance”. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I am basically a scent junkie, and while I rarely wear perfume anymore, I do like to lather myself in delicious lotion and fragrant soaps! I will definitely look into some of your suggestions as I know full well about how chemicals can mess with your hormones, and at my age, that isn’t something I care to mess with! Thanks for the suggestions!!

    • I agree, Stacey! Hormone disrupting chemicals can be in so many of our products, that it makes sense to eliminate when we can. I love the subtle smell of a good (natural!) lotion or soap… the One Love Organics spray is fantastic!

  3. I’ve recently read so much about the toxins we allow into our bodies through the products we use; such an interesting topic! Because of what I’ve read, I’d stopped using any perfumes at all…so sad. This is great advice on finding one again!

    • Hi Anne, there have been a lot of reports and studies coming out recently on toxins in our products! It’s great to take a break (and let your body cleanse). I am sure you can find a natural brand you love just as much!

  4. Thank you for the education. No wonder when I just walk by somebody with heavy perfume, I instantly get a headache! I don’t use them anymore because of the said headaches but my 10 year old daughter loves perfumes, I will have her read this great post!

    • Thanks, Brenda! It’s so easy for teens to get sucked into the marketing of cosmetics and fragrances. I hope some of this “science” will help the conversation. Good luck!!

  5. Most perfumes give me a headache, it took a while for me to find an actual perfume I can even wear. The synthetics in them just do me in. I have two perfumes I can wear and usually go for essential oil mixes. I’ve left stores because they stink of synthetic scents and I start reacting. Most people don’t realize what’s in their scents.

    • You are right, Beth! I think our bodies are trying to tell us something when we react this way. I felt the same when I was pregnant – maybe our bodies way of protecting during a sensitive time?!

  6. Great post! So many of us think about what we put in our body, but we often don’t realize that what we put on our body is just as important. I can’t wait to check out the natural fragrances that you have here. Have you ever used the EWG App Skin Deep? It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the confusion with toxic chemicals.

  7. Thanks for providing such a great resource for finding non-toxic perfumes! I work with patients who sometimes have chemical sensitivities and know how harmful these toxic perfumes can be! One I also like is the Lavender Cinnamon roll-on from Amrita. It’s just essential oils in a carrier oil. It smells great, but unfortunately it does wear off pretty fast.

    • Hi Robin,
      Thanks for sharing your recommendation for Amrita! I looked at their website – the ingredients are so pure, and the fragrances sound wonderful. I am pinning this to my “must try” board 🙂 thanks for commenting.

  8. Great article, thanks for the suggestions. I can’t wait to go shopping.

  9. I usually just opt out of perfume, since I’m super sensitive to chemical smells. I’ll have to check out some of these companies though. Always great to have an all-natural alternative!

  10. Like many of the others have commented, I don’t wear perfume anymore because I find the scent to be too strong. I do like scented body washes, though. Any favorites?

    • I love Acure Body Wash and 100% Pure Body Wash! One Love Organics body serum is also really wonderful… I spray in on in the shower before drying off. Subtle but beautiful scents, and moisturize your skin. Let me know if you try and what you like!

  11. Thank you for including Pure Natural Diva in the choices! I don’t think enough people are talking about the health risks associated with conventionally scented products.

    Whether it’s perfumes, lotions, creams, room sprays, candles, detergents or household cleaners – for the sake of our own health and the health of our families, we need to be conscious of WHAT is used to scent these products – and choose the options that are better for our wellbeing.

    • Thank you Tania! It is such an important topic… and so much easier to make healthy choices than people may realize. We don’t have to go without beautiful scents 🙂 Love my Pure Natural Diva products.


  1. […] Perfumes are loaded with phthalates which are linked to endocrine disruption, and other questionable chemicals that don’t have to be listed in the ingredient list because it’s considered proprietary.   Use instead products made with essential oils, like 100% Pure body lotions, One Love Organics, or Lurke Natural Fragrances.  Check out my full list of natural perfumes (and more on why it matters!) here. […]

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