California Baby Hair Conditioner – Calming, 8.5 oz

California Baby Everyday Lotion – Calming, 6.5 Ounce

Are there toxic ingredients hiding in your shampoo?

Probably.  Does it matter? You may be thinking, “Why shampoo?  It’s on my head for 30 seconds, then down the drain.  Does it really matter?”  It does.  Here’s why.  Hair follicles are larger than regular pores, and the average human head has about 10,000 hair follicles.  This makes our scalps one of the most absorbent […]

3 Simple (But Powerful) Reasons To Green Your Beauty Routine

Why Green Your Beauty Routine? Did you know that before you even leave your bathroom in the morning you may have applied over 200 different chemicals to your body? 1. Chemical body burden A quick tally of ingredients in typical body wash, shampoo, facial scrub, body lotion, moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen can quickly add […]