A Few Words About Us

Moccia-115-199x300 You know what you put on and in your body matters.

You know there are questionable chemicals in beauty products, but when it comes time to change you don’t want to give up luxury for “natural”.

What really is “natural” anyway? In a world where “green” is quickly losing its meaning, how are you supposed to know the difference between the claims and the labels?

When I was pregnant with my twin girls, I worried about the impact of environmental toxins on my developing babies. I started scrutinizing everything from food choices and cleaning products to beauty products.

I quickly learned that the majority of the beauty products I was using contained ingredients linked to endocrine disruption, neurological disorders, and even cancer. Armed with a long list of ingredients to avoid, I started looking for better alternatives.

I know how it feels to stand in the beauty aisle, squinting at a long list of ingredients but not remembering which ingredients to avoid. To find a product that seemed so “natural” based on the packaging and claims, only to find it’s no cleaner than what I am trying to replace. Or, to buy an expensive natural product only to be disappointed by how it feels, smells, or works.

But I also know how it feels to be purposeful in the products I choose, take control of what goes on my body, and absolutely love my beauty routine. A routine rich in beauty but without the toxins.

That’s why I started Live-Clear. I’m Liane Moccia and my mission is to help women like you uncover the truth about toxins in beauty products and find safer products that really work (no sacrifices!).

Finding natural, non-toxic, luxurious beauty products doesn’t have to be hard. I’ll show you how. You don’t have to do this on your own!

On this site you will find recommendations for products I love and trust.  I also work one-on-one with women who are ready to get the toxins out of beauty products and finally find luxurious products they love. Click here to learn more.

Download the free Ingredient Quick Guide to know exactly what to avoid next time you shop.