3 Simple (But Powerful) Reasons To Green Your Beauty Routine


3 Simple (But Powerful) Reasons To Green Your Beauty Routine

Why Green Your Beauty Routine?

Did you know that before you even leave your bathroom in the morning you may have applied over 200 different chemicals to your body?

1. Chemical body burden

A quick tally of ingredients in typical body wash, shampoo, facial scrub, body lotion, moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen can quickly add up to over 200 synthetic and potentially dangerous chemicals. Add a spray of your favorite perfume, and that is another approximately 50-100 chemicals – many linked to allergies, cancer, birth defects, and central nervous system disorders. All this, and you haven’t even left the bathroom!

2. Your body drinks this stuff up

Studies show our skin typically absorbs up to 60% of the substances applied to its surface. Penetration enhancers (more chemicals) are often added to product to boost absorption up to 100%. Think about the nicotine patch and transdermal birth control medications. What goes on, goes in!

3. There are better choices

You can decrease the number of harmful chemicals your body is exposed to, and absorbs, every day. Learn how to identify these harmful chemicals, become an ingredient expert, and make healthier product choices. There are lots of green beauty products available that don’t contain harmful ingredients. The trick is navigating through the marketing, labeling, and packaging to get to the only thing that matters – the ingredient list.

We know how it feels to stand in the beauty aisle, squinting at a long list of ingredients but not remembering which ingredients to avoid. To find a product that seemed so “natural” based on the packaging and claims, only to find it’s no cleaner than what you are trying to replace.

Download Live-Clear’s Quick Guide for Safer Products below.

This easy to read cheat sheet will list the top ingredients to avoid, how to spot them on a label, and why to avoid.

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  1. Love your website and post! There is so much education needed around this issue, thank you for taking on this topic. All the best, looking forward to more good information.

  2. This is a great website, I have learned a lot and didn’t even realize all the chemicals that are in products we use ever day. I will definitely use your website regularly and will recommend it to my friends. Thanks for all the great information.

  3. I am going to download the list and carry it with me. Great article and very informative. I had no idea of all the harmful stuff in my every day products. You are changing the way I look at things.

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